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These cute little strawberries were crocheted out of fine copper wire, one red and one purple. Their tops are cut from copper sheet that once lived life as a boiler. For the red one I thought it might be interesting to try and turn the copper green, so with a little bit of salt, vinegar, sunlight and patience, I managed to get it a little green, then sealed it so it wouldn’t rub off.

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a visite to mums…

My parents place is tucked away in a small rural town in NSW. From the outside it looks like any other old time house, lots of brick and garden. But inside its like a treasure trove!
There are jars and jars of buttons lining shelves, baskets of doilies, boxes of old patterns, little trinkets, miles of fabrics, numerous sewing machines, you name it, it’s there!

Much to my delight, my mum doesn’t mind me sifting through the many treasure boxes and selecting pieces to take and create with. This last trip home i was drawn to some antique doilies, white buttons and pretty lace. I managed to gather a bunch of old zippers together as well.
Everything I found is destined for a new life as something or another, haven’t quite got the ideas together as to exactly what they will become, but have no fear, they will live on in awesomeness!

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Happy Easter!

crochet easter bunny

Hope everyone is having a Happy Easter. I know I’ve enjoyed the free time to spend with my family! I thought I would get into the eastery spirit by crocheting this little purple bunny! Enjoy!

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