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The First Mushroom…

The first Mushroom and the first of many to come.

A couple of days ago I posted about mushrooms. I was out taking pictures in the park when we happened across a patch of cute little mushrooms. With my recent obcession with graffiti art, yarn bombing and my insane need for recycling they got me thinking…

Wouldn’t it be cool to see a patch of “urban” mushrooms as you walk down the street, to the bus stop, dancing around the bottoms of light poles, peeking out from bench seats, and hanging out around door ways?

I got to work on my “urban” mushrooms immediately! This is the first of many to come! Crochet from plastic bag yarn, it has a grey underneath and the top has little red patterns from the printing on the bags I used.

Keep a look out for a patch of these, coming soon to a place near you!


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More Button Jewellery!

You may have already noticed, but lately I have taken  to making crochet button jewellery. Maybe it’s the fact that they’r extremely simple to make or maybe it’s the fact that I have a whole biscuit tin full of buttons screaming to be used, either way they addictive to crochet and gather lots of comments!

So without further ado, I give you, a button bracelet!

There’s something about the texture of these that make them a pleasure to wear, plus the swoosh swoosh noices the buttons make when you move around!

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Mushrooms For Thought…

I take a lot of my inspirations from nature. I was out doing photos for my brother on Friday when we came across a patch of cute little mushrooms.

I’m imagining urban mushrooms, little cluster of them crochet from plastic bag yarn, dancing around the bottoms of light poles and hidden under bus shelter bench seats! What do you think?


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Simple Button Drop Necklace

Another necklace from buttons. This one is very simple with a crochet length ending with  two drops of white buttons and a red button adds a bit of contrast while acting as a closure.

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Arm Warmers

I whipped these up yesterday. They’re just a basic crochet tube. Started with 35 ch (or enough to go around your hand across your palm) joined, then dc in ever ch until you’ve crochet about 1.5 inch (or however long you want it up your fingers. I tried mine on throughout the whole process to get it to fit snug). To make a thumb hole, ch 7, skip 7, then continue crocheting in the round until they are as long as you want them. You can leave them like this, but i much preferred the slouchy look. In this case, I made a string of ch 50, and threaded it down each thumb side, drawing it up as I went. Tie it together at the bottom, and wa-la a slouchy pair of arm warmers!

Hope all that made sense. I can’t follow a pattern to save myself let alone write one, but they were truly simple to make!

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