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Graffiti And Yarn Bombing

I have been looking closely at Graffiti recently. It’s not just the awesome imagery which can be found in the paintings spread over walls throughout the city. It’s the ideas surrounding public art, more so the illegitimate art, thats out there causing a stirr.

Guerilla knitting/yarn bombing is bringing “graffiti” into the textile world. Around the streets if your lucky, you will come across pieces that look like your grandmas knitted scarfs wound around poles, hanging from trees and adorning parking meters. Take a look at some of the awesome examples of yarn bombing out there

What better way to use up scraps of yarn than to use it for yarn bombing, your sure to cause a stirr, bring a smile to ones face, get some kind of reaction.

Another idea that is coming to the surface is about strategically placing small art objects so that they will be collected by complete strangers and go on to live a new life, ideally an attached url would leave the receiver back to a common place to tell the adventure of the art object. That art banana has me intrigued …

It could be a great way to turn mishap projects into something that will get talked about, commented on, and viewed, where it probably wouldn’t have otherwise if its left as that badly made scarf with holes all through it.

So keep an eye out on the streets, you might just see some of my misshapen projects recycled into works of yarn bombing. Or recycled yarns made into little critters ready to find a new home…

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T-shirt Yarn – Just add Dye

True to my word, I took to my crochet t-shirt yarn desk organizers with a packet of dye.

Scarlet and Denim Blue RIT dye

I had two packets of dye, scarlet and denim blue, for now, everything is scarlet coloured! I had four desk organizers in total. Two I fully imersed in a bucket of dye, the other two I sat in a tray of dye and let it seep through.

Crochet bowel in dye bath

Bucket of dye

The finished look has two in a very solid red colour and two in a gradated red.

dyed desk organisers

detail dyed desk organisers

I decided to pull one apart, just to see if crocheting had a resist effect. It did, but not as much as I thought it may have.

My original thinking was to dye them red and then go on to over dye them blue to create a purple, but I quite like how the red has turned out for the moment! I can always re-dye them when I get sick of them!

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T-shirt Yarn: Crochet Desk Organizers

With all that T-shirt yarn I made a few post ago, I decided to crochet some of it into desk organizers.

three crochet pots
They turned out pretty boring really, because all the yarn I made was from white t-shirts. But it’s cotton fabric, so the possibilities are endless. I have a couple of packets of dye sitting on my desk, so in the very near future these boring little desk organizers are going to transform, change colours, and hopefully become something awesome!

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Green Rose

This is a Green Rose which I have crochet over a LED tea light using recycled yarn made from green soft drink bottles.


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Copper Wire = Best Yarn Ever!

I’m serious! It’s so much fun to work with! I discovered the joys of working with recycled copper wire way back in high school, when i completed my entire HSC project in it. That was quite a while ago, but it was quite an accomplishment fro me.

my HSC work

My HSC work.

 Depending on where you pull it from, the wire will vary in colour and thickness. You can’t go past the beautiful colours and awesome shinyness! You can do so much with, it bends to whatever shape you like and holds pretty well. Its very soft so you can weave it, crochet it, knot and twist it.

I love just playing around with forms and shapes, crocheting vessels. When crochet, it makes a very open structure, which is quite exciting when you start playing around with shadows!

crochet wire vessels

My recent wire work has mostly been based around making forms around LEDs.  After discovering how to make those strawberry forms, I proceeded to crochet a whole bunch of them around a string of LED christmas lights. It’s like a new level of playing with shadows, as the light is coming from inside the structures, not from an external light source.

So I’m adding copper wire to my ever growing list of materials to recycle into yarn. It can be found in motors, the ones that come from your broken down fridge, fan, any old motor really.


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More Recycled Yaarn…

As you might have already noticed, I enjoy recycling things, and more importantly, destroying their original forms to create something entirely new. Lately my “destroying” has been creating yarn. Other than t-shirts, what can you turn into yarn?

Plastic bags are very popular, and we usually have an abundance of them! Firstly I cut the bottoms off, then the handles. Then simply cut, spiraling to the other end. I generally cut the strips about 1inch wide, the softer the bags, the more it seems to condense when you start working with it.

I also tried pasta bags. The thicker plastic allows it to be cut much finer. Same goes for those bags the funsize chocolates come in.

Bertie Bettle Yarn

One of my favourite items to turn into yarn is the plastic bottle. just cut the bottoms off and cut, spiralling to the top. I usually leave the tops on to give something to hold onto, but i don’t usually cut after the bottles start to taper as the plastic gets hard. The finer you can cut it, the better. I have cut it as wide as 10mm, but it starts to become tricky to work with.

It’s all about finding the right yarn of the right project. And Recycling of course!

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Making t-shirt yarn…

I had a bunch of promotional t-shirts taking up space, for some reason my partner thought I could find a use for them so he brought them home from work one day. After months and months of sitting there not being useful, I decided to destroy them! And by destroy I mean turn into t-shirt yarn! Cos we all love a good recycled yarn!

And this is a very simple and common way to transform them…

Take a t-shirt … or several…

Firstly you cut the tops off just below the sleeves, set them aside for a rainy day…

then you cut, from the bottom, single layer, in a spiral, about an inch wide, till you have no more shirt to cut…

once you’ve finshed cutting you’ll have a pile of t-shirt yarn. Now it’s time to wind them into a ball. If you stretch the yarn a bit whilst your winding it into a ball the edges will roll in on themselves and give it a nice neat yarny look!

It’s that simple really. And addictive

And you can use this techniqe to turn any tube like structure into yarn… plastic bags, bottles… Get creative! You can cut it thick, thin, ragged. Think of the different uses for it, and then think of the best way to turn your materials into a suitable yarn.

I think I might grab a large crochet hook and turn some of my shirts into bags, or bowels for my desk…

So if yarn made from plastic bags is called plarn, should we call this sharn?


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Button Necklace!

Finally, I finish something! It would be far more helpful if it was an essay, but alas, that would be too organised of me!

My mum taught me how to crochet when I was a little kid. I taught myself how to crochet in beads, then sequins and it wasn’t too long before I was using  buttons to embellish my crochet!

This necklace has a crochet button piece in the centre and ribbon ends, with a big button for the closure.

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