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whittling hooks

A couple of years ago, whilst visiting my brother, I was witness to something I didn’t think possible. He had just picked up a piece of fire kinling and his leatherman and started whittling it down into a fine stick. While me and my sister watched, we egged him on and made him try to make a crochet hook. Well, he succeeded. He whittled a chunky crochet hook, that I must add, worked perfectly well!
Recently I came across a blog, , and I was once again reminded that it was possible to create your own crochet hooks! When my mum left me a bag full of fire wood for our little outside firebucket, I couldn’t resist trying my own hand at it! My first try turned out ok, but my second turned out pretty awesome and is really nice to work with!

top is my first try, bottom is my much improved second try.

how good did I get those hooks!

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