About Ruthless Creations

Hi, I’m Cate. I’m currently trying to convince the uni to give me a degree! I craft a lot, hopefully one day I’ll be able to make a living from it! I’m not attatched to any one particular medium, whatever works for the idea in the moment, but fiber seems to be where my passions lay. I enjoy crochet, dyeing, weaving, spinning, chasing the cat around… anything that keeps me out of too much mischief!

This blog, unless I get sidetracked, which is mostly likely to happen, as I don’t have a very big attention span, will be about my encounters, development, discoveries, ideas and working working processes related to my textile activities and my recycling habits.

One response to “About Ruthless Creations

  1. Jodes

    This is your big sis checking in, to let you know that I’ll be stalking you ;o)

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