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February Already!

Can’t believe January 2015 is completely gone! I have been making progress with a few different projects. Here’s what I’ve been up to.


A scrappy strip quilt. I had pieced the top together in 2014, from scraps mum had delivered to me one visit. I think she had a friend giving her all their leftovers!

strip quilt

Working on:

My  Hawaiian style butterflies. I designed, hand appliqued and basted this one in two weeks, right before I left home to go to uni. That was about 10 years ago now! This year will be the year I finish it! But I haven’t made that task easy for myself! Originally I was just going to do one row of quilting around everything. But when I pulled it out just before Christmas, I decided to completely echo quilt it. It was quilting up faster than expected at the start of the year, but I have been doing other bits and pieces so the progress has slowed a lot. I still have complete faith in myself to have it finished by the end of the year!

hawaiian butterflies

And a bit of a closer look at my lovely stitching! Ha!

hawaiian butterflies detail

This one I have dubbed as my “Snail shell windmills”. It’s another quilt made from scraps. Why snail shell windmills you may ask. The colored batik fabrics are all the little bits of left overs I had from making a prop/costume last year for a play. There wasn’t much left, so I cut it down into triangles and pieced it together with what felt like an endless supply of triangles. Again, someone had given their scraps to my mum and they had been passed onto me. (I have two other projects using those same triangles!) I’m in a self imposed vow of poverty, so if I can help it, I don’t spend much money on fabric. It means I get to build my own house, and design my own studio area this year! Yay! So i do like it when other people give me their leftovers. I also enjoy the task of thinking up something to do with hundreds of triangles, or a bag of 3×1.5 inch strips. This one needs a border or two. It is quite subtle, I think I like it. I had thought it might need some applique to spruce it up a bit, but I think as it is, plus a border, it would be a cute little girls quilt. It’s going back in the unfinished pile for the moment, until I find something suitable for borders and backing.

snail shell windmills

Now I’m off to think up a plan of attack for the rest of the week! Schools back today as well, so it’s back to a normal routine at work for me.

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On the third day of Christmas…

I thought I would share with you this design I did to be printed through Spoonflower…

christmas tree wallhanging


It was the very first design I have ever entered into a Spoonflower competition. I hope to be designing for fabric a lot more in the future! Voting closes this Friday 5th December! vote here

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T-shirt Yarn – Just add Dye

True to my word, I took to my crochet t-shirt yarn desk organizers with a packet of dye.

Scarlet and Denim Blue RIT dye

I had two packets of dye, scarlet and denim blue, for now, everything is scarlet coloured! I had four desk organizers in total. Two I fully imersed in a bucket of dye, the other two I sat in a tray of dye and let it seep through.

Crochet bowel in dye bath

Bucket of dye

The finished look has two in a very solid red colour and two in a gradated red.

dyed desk organisers

detail dyed desk organisers

I decided to pull one apart, just to see if crocheting had a resist effect. It did, but not as much as I thought it may have.

My original thinking was to dye them red and then go on to over dye them blue to create a purple, but I quite like how the red has turned out for the moment! I can always re-dye them when I get sick of them!

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Fabric Sale

I found a fabric sale yesterday, tucked away in a little warehouse out in Mitchell, Canberra. It was advertised as mostly silks and bridal fabrics, so I invited my sister-in-law-to-be to come along as well, in hope to find something for our bridesmaid dresses.

It was awesome, there were rolls of silk dupion, silk suitings, embroidered silks and bridal fabrics lining the walls. In the middle of the floor there were large boxes filled with off cuts and rememnants. All at a massively reduced price. Needless to say, i was overwhelmed. I could have spent hours and hundreds of dollars going through it all, but I had gone there on a mission, to find something suitable for bridesmaids. Not only had my sister-in-law-to-be come along, but so had my brother and my much loved other half,  so I had an army of non-textile enthusiasts reminding me what we were there for everytime i got distracted.

Amongst all the pretty fabrics they had there, there was not one piece of purple fabric. The hunt for fabric for bridesmaid dresses had been a dud, but, with all that beautiful fabric, i could not leave there empty handed! i found this beautiful piece of silk suiting fabric, not even a metres worth, that just had to come home with me!

The sale continues today, Saturday 27th March, until 3pm, at 3 tooth street Mitchell, Canberra, if any one reads this between now and then! I’ve sent my sister along to check it out, can’t wait to see what she finds amongst it all!


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