A New Year

With a new year comes new goals. And as we have been in 2015 for a few weeks now, its about time I thought about what my goals for the year should be.

In the past I have made all these new year resolutions like “get fit”, “blog more”, “do this… do that…” and honestly not all that many stick, as you may have noticed with my sparse blogging over the years.

One goal that I have had for the past few years though has been gaining momentum over time. “Finish it” has been a very rewarding goal for me. I have a number (that shall remain unspoken) worth of things sitting around that need to be finished in one way or another. In 2013 I didn’t do a lot towards this goal, but the seed was planted and heavily watered and I started getting an idea of what I was in for. I went into 2014 full steam with a list of things that I wanted to accomplish. I didn’t finish all of it, and to be honest, I probably never even came close. But I am very proud of what I did achieve.

In 2014 I “Finished it”

  • My brothers wedding quilt (only 4 years late)
  • My hexagon quilt (12 years in the making!!)
  • My Diploma of Graphic Design
my hexagon quilt. 12 years in the making!

My hexagon quilt… 12 years in the making!

There was of course other things that I started AND completed! Yay go me!!

I think the reason why some of my goals don’t stick all that well is because they are not specific enough. “Get fit” what does that even mean? “Blog more” one post a year is more than some years… So this year I’m going to keep my list simple and basic.

For my fitness goals I am aiming to be able to run a full 7km without any walking. My partner likes to go to obstacle races and such and it would be sooo nice to not be the one holding him back and making the day slower.

I had full intentions for 2015 to be my creative year, where I rediscover my creative self and start making more, blogging more, and promoting myself as an artist. But just a few weeks in and I doubt this is an achievable goal, as I put my creative life on hold once more for “real” life. Cos as much as money doesn’t buy happiness, it does put a roof over your head and food on the table. And with a little more time earning money I can have a damn nice roof over my head and the most awesome creative space anyone could imagine. So my creative goals for this year is just to be able to create enough to keep me sain. To work through my “finish it” stash and to start putting pen to paper on how I would like my creative life to proceed, so next year, when my new studio space is ready, the seeds are already planted and starting to sprout, and I can hit the ground running with direction and a bit of a plan.

My brothers wedding quilt

My brothers wedding quilt. Only 4 years late!!

So here’s to 2015. Here’s to lots of running, cos after reading through all that writing, that about the only real goal I got out of this post! Oh and here’s to finshing things off my list…

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