Remember Me?

So I totally bypassed 2012 and pretty much 2013 on the blogging front.

A lot of things have happened and changed in the last couple of years, and at the moment I have been left with time, actual TIME, to work on my creative talents. What does this mean? It means you will be seeing a lot more of me and my craziness!

What will you see?

My main focus/passions in life are textiles, art and design. I have completed my bachelors of visual arts with a major in textiles, am currently working towards my diploma of graphic design and love to create and explore in different mediums. I also work with children outside school hours, so chances are there will be a mix of kids crafts, design projects and various textile methods.

I decided on the first of December to do a “25 days of Christmas countdown” which I started on Facebook, so I will take the time to catch it up on here as well. It won’t necessarily be me creating something new everyday. I will share pictures as I decorate the house, put up the Christmas tree, crafts I’ve organized for the children, inspiring Christmas things I see out and about. Its an exciting time of the year, and I want to share the joy with everyone 🙂

So hello! I look forward to sharing my journey with you!

❤ Cate

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