The First Mushroom…

The first Mushroom and the first of many to come.

A couple of days ago I posted about mushrooms. I was out taking pictures in the park when we happened across a patch of cute little mushrooms. With my recent obcession with graffiti art, yarn bombing and my insane need for recycling they got me thinking…

Wouldn’t it be cool to see a patch of “urban” mushrooms as you walk down the street, to the bus stop, dancing around the bottoms of light poles, peeking out from bench seats, and hanging out around door ways?

I got to work on my “urban” mushrooms immediately! This is the first of many to come! Crochet from plastic bag yarn, it has a grey underneath and the top has little red patterns from the printing on the bags I used.

Keep a look out for a patch of these, coming soon to a place near you!



Filed under crochet, Recycle, Recycled Yarn

3 responses to “The First Mushroom…

  1. Jodes

    That’s adorable Cate!

    You’ve inspired me to take photos of the interesting-looking mushrooms around here, I’ll try and get some up on fb tonight.

    Hope your assessment went/goes/is going well!

  2. Phenomenal! Those are the cutest crochet mushrooms.

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