Mushrooms For Thought…

I take a lot of my inspirations from nature. I was out doing photos for my brother on Friday when we came across a patch of cute little mushrooms.

I’m imagining urban mushrooms, little cluster of them crochet from plastic bag yarn, dancing around the bottoms of light poles and hidden under bus shelter bench seats! What do you think?



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4 responses to “Mushrooms For Thought…

  1. Jodes

    Awesome piccies Cate! Love the last mushroom in particular. Love the idea of them hiding under bus shelter seats and dancing around light poles, that would be brilliant! You must post photos if you do it 😀 Have to find you some interesting coloured bags for the mushrooms…

  2. marion

    what a fantastic idea! make sure you do it! fantastic photos – you must have had a good day!

  3. Sophie

    I love them all catie. I love mushrooms. Looks like you found some very inspirational ones to photograph. I would love to see some under bus shelter seats around lamp poles & any were else you can think for them to “grow”. Look forward to seeing more Ideas & visions

  4. Jodes

    hehe I think I found these mushrooms at lunchtime – or another patch of them. I wanted to wait for the smurfs to turn up!

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