Graffiti And Yarn Bombing

I have been looking closely at Graffiti recently. It’s not just the awesome imagery which can be found in the paintings spread over walls throughout the city. It’s the ideas surrounding public art, more so the illegitimate art, thats out there causing a stirr.

Guerilla knitting/yarn bombing is bringing “graffiti” into the textile world. Around the streets if your lucky, you will come across pieces that look like your grandmas knitted scarfs wound around poles, hanging from trees and adorning parking meters. Take a look at some of the awesome examples of yarn bombing out there

What better way to use up scraps of yarn than to use it for yarn bombing, your sure to cause a stirr, bring a smile to ones face, get some kind of reaction.

Another idea that is coming to the surface is about strategically placing small art objects so that they will be collected by complete strangers and go on to live a new life, ideally an attached url would leave the receiver back to a common place to tell the adventure of the art object. That art banana has me intrigued …

It could be a great way to turn mishap projects into something that will get talked about, commented on, and viewed, where it probably wouldn’t have otherwise if its left as that badly made scarf with holes all through it.

So keep an eye out on the streets, you might just see some of my misshapen projects recycled into works of yarn bombing. Or recycled yarns made into little critters ready to find a new home…


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