T-shirt Yarn – Just add Dye

True to my word, I took to my crochet t-shirt yarn desk organizers with a packet of dye.

Scarlet and Denim Blue RIT dye

I had two packets of dye, scarlet and denim blue, for now, everything is scarlet coloured! I had four desk organizers in total. Two I fully imersed in a bucket of dye, the other two I sat in a tray of dye and let it seep through.

Crochet bowel in dye bath

Bucket of dye

The finished look has two in a very solid red colour and two in a gradated red.

dyed desk organisers

detail dyed desk organisers

I decided to pull one apart, just to see if crocheting had a resist effect. It did, but not as much as I thought it may have.

My original thinking was to dye them red and then go on to over dye them blue to create a purple, but I quite like how the red has turned out for the moment! I can always re-dye them when I get sick of them!


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One response to “T-shirt Yarn – Just add Dye

  1. Jodes

    Oooh they turned out good! I love everything you do of course, but that is cos everything is awesome ;o)

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