Copper Wire = Best Yarn Ever!

I’m serious! It’s so much fun to work with! I discovered the joys of working with recycled copper wire way back in high school, when i completed my entire HSC project in it. That was quite a while ago, but it was quite an accomplishment fro me.

my HSC work

My HSC work.

 Depending on where you pull it from, the wire will vary in colour and thickness. You can’t go past the beautiful colours and awesome shinyness! You can do so much with, it bends to whatever shape you like and holds pretty well. Its very soft so you can weave it, crochet it, knot and twist it.

I love just playing around with forms and shapes, crocheting vessels. When crochet, it makes a very open structure, which is quite exciting when you start playing around with shadows!

crochet wire vessels

My recent wire work has mostly been based around making forms around LEDs.  After discovering how to make those strawberry forms, I proceeded to crochet a whole bunch of them around a string of LED christmas lights. It’s like a new level of playing with shadows, as the light is coming from inside the structures, not from an external light source.

So I’m adding copper wire to my ever growing list of materials to recycle into yarn. It can be found in motors, the ones that come from your broken down fridge, fan, any old motor really.



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4 responses to “Copper Wire = Best Yarn Ever!

  1. Diane Pashley

    Very nice work. I’m looking for some equivalent to size 10 crochet thread for a crochet project and as I’m sure you know I’m having a hard time finding it.
    Do you sell you copper thread?

  2. Nice work!
    I’m looking for copper thread equivalent to size 10 crochet thread for a crochet project and can’t find seem to find it. Do you sell your copper thread?

    • Hi Diane,
      Unfortunately I don’t have a big supple to be able to sell any copper wire. I used it as fast as dad was finding it for me. You can often buy it at bead and craft stores, although it generally only comes in small amounts. I am yet to look for a supplier of larger amounts of commercial stuff, so I can’t even point you in the right direction! Sorry!

  3. Really like your creations…..very inspired so please keep on working. Its good to see creativity developing!

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