More Recycled Yaarn…

As you might have already noticed, I enjoy recycling things, and more importantly, destroying their original forms to create something entirely new. Lately my “destroying” has been creating yarn. Other than t-shirts, what can you turn into yarn?

Plastic bags are very popular, and we usually have an abundance of them! Firstly I cut the bottoms off, then the handles. Then simply cut, spiraling to the other end. I generally cut the strips about 1inch wide, the softer the bags, the more it seems to condense when you start working with it.

I also tried pasta bags. The thicker plastic allows it to be cut much finer. Same goes for those bags the funsize chocolates come in.

Bertie Bettle Yarn

One of my favourite items to turn into yarn is the plastic bottle. just cut the bottoms off and cut, spiralling to the top. I usually leave the tops on to give something to hold onto, but i don’t usually cut after the bottles start to taper as the plastic gets hard. The finer you can cut it, the better. I have cut it as wide as 10mm, but it starts to become tricky to work with.

It’s all about finding the right yarn of the right project. And Recycling of course!


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