Making t-shirt yarn…

I had a bunch of promotional t-shirts taking up space, for some reason my partner thought I could find a use for them so he brought them home from work one day. After months and months of sitting there not being useful, I decided to destroy them! And by destroy I mean turn into t-shirt yarn! Cos we all love a good recycled yarn!

And this is a very simple and common way to transform them…

Take a t-shirt … or several…

Firstly you cut the tops off just below the sleeves, set them aside for a rainy day…

then you cut, from the bottom, single layer, in a spiral, about an inch wide, till you have no more shirt to cut…

once you’ve finshed cutting you’ll have a pile of t-shirt yarn. Now it’s time to wind them into a ball. If you stretch the yarn a bit whilst your winding it into a ball the edges will roll in on themselves and give it a nice neat yarny look!

It’s that simple really. And addictive

And you can use this techniqe to turn any tube like structure into yarn… plastic bags, bottles… Get creative! You can cut it thick, thin, ragged. Think of the different uses for it, and then think of the best way to turn your materials into a suitable yarn.

I think I might grab a large crochet hook and turn some of my shirts into bags, or bowels for my desk…

So if yarn made from plastic bags is called plarn, should we call this sharn?



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3 responses to “Making t-shirt yarn…

  1. Jodes

    That’s awesome! Yes, I think we shall call this sharn. If the tshirts are cotton, you could dye the finished product.

  2. Jodes

    teehee I know you too well… 😉

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