Fabric Sale

I found a fabric sale yesterday, tucked away in a little warehouse out in Mitchell, Canberra. It was advertised as mostly silks and bridal fabrics, so I invited my sister-in-law-to-be to come along as well, in hope to find something for our bridesmaid dresses.

It was awesome, there were rolls of silk dupion, silk suitings, embroidered silks and bridal fabrics lining the walls. In the middle of the floor there were large boxes filled with off cuts and rememnants. All at a massively reduced price. Needless to say, i was overwhelmed. I could have spent hours and hundreds of dollars going through it all, but I had gone there on a mission, to find something suitable for bridesmaids. Not only had my sister-in-law-to-be come along, but so had my brother and my much loved other half,  so I had an army of non-textile enthusiasts reminding me what we were there for everytime i got distracted.

Amongst all the pretty fabrics they had there, there was not one piece of purple fabric. The hunt for fabric for bridesmaid dresses had been a dud, but, with all that beautiful fabric, i could not leave there empty handed! i found this beautiful piece of silk suiting fabric, not even a metres worth, that just had to come home with me!

The sale continues today, Saturday 27th March, until 3pm, at 3 tooth street Mitchell, Canberra, if any one reads this between now and then! I’ve sent my sister along to check it out, can’t wait to see what she finds amongst it all!



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4 responses to “Fabric Sale

  1. mumsie

    awesomesilk. wish i could have come

  2. Snoozy

    pretty! I wants some!

  3. I wish I could have some too. Do you have any recommendations as far as fabric stores go in Canberra?

    • Lincraft in Civic has a decent range of various fabrics, there’s also a Lincraft in Belconnen which has a much smaller range. Then there is Addicted to Fabric in Phillip and Hobby Sew in Belconnen. Spotlight in Queanbeyan is usually worth a trip aswell. There might be more, but they are the main ones I know of. Hope that was helpful 🙂

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